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1-on-1 Coaching 

Having someone in your corner is invaluable. As your career coach, I act as your guide and mentor, pushing you towards your goals - even if they seem unattainable at times. I will help you refine your unique strengths, identify crystal-clear objectives, make action plans, navigate roadblocks and build your confidence, so that you can be the professional you're already on the way of becoming.

How I can help you:

Long Road


You're new to the workforce, or in a new role, and looking for strategies and tips to set yourself up for success

- Building your personal brand

- Performance frameworks

- Career planning

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You're planning, or are in the middle of, a career transition and seeking insights to support you through the difficult process of change

- Interview prep

- Storytelling


Image by Jake Givens


You're looking to be more effective in your leadership role and to grow yourself and your team

- Leadership skills

- Strategic decision making

- Building highly effective teams

ace the interview


Everything you need in one place (30 mins)

Built on a foundation of knowledge gained through 15 years of experience as a hiring manger.  This course is for you, if you're looking:

  • For tips, tricks and frameworks on how to best prepare for an interview

  • For techniques on how to answer any question

  • To increase your confidence and show up as the best version of yourself

  • To rise above the competition and elevate your profile

I used the strategies I learned from Mehrzad to secure a leadership job in a new industry. Excellent course, highly recommended.  - Daniel



Corporate Workshop

Corporate Workshops

Work with me to build a highly personalized session for your team and address the specific growth goals you have. Together we can upskill on:

  • New manager/leadership training

  • How to have performance (difficult) conversations

  • Building team engagement and culture

  • Recruiting and interviewing top talent

  • Standing out and excelling

  • Effective collaboration


My Story
 Mehrzad Ghassemi

As a former marketing executive and management consultant, I've had the privilege of leading teams for 15 years. Through coaching 150 different individuals and conducting over 100 interviews, I've gained deep insights and firsthand experience in career development strategies.


As the priorities in my life shifted, I transitioned my own career to focus on what brings me the most fulfillment: helping others grow and accomplish their goals.

No matter what your goals or roadblocks are, I'd love to dive into it with you.

I enjoy asking deep questions and discovering the unique brilliance that everyone holds.  My approach has been described as empathetic, empowering and collaborative.

I look forward to walking beside you throughout the next steps in your journey, helping you to boost your confidence and encouraging you to explore outside of your comfort zone so that you move forward (and up) in your career.


Patience W, Fundraising Mgr

"After working with Mehrzad, I was able to gain clarity on how to approach job interviews. Mehrzad also equipped me with valuable tools and resources to navigate challenges and seize opportunities, and his unwavering belief in my abilities boosted my confidence exponentially. Thanks to Mehrzad's exceptional coaching, I have achieved milestones I never thought possible.
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